Ed Kirby: 

Ed is the president of Orchard Hill Farm Equipment, and knows everything there is to know regarding the company. He is knowledgeable in all areas, including pricing, financing, and product availability. Ed began working on his grandfather's farm at a young age, and continues to have interest in farming and the equipment involved.

Doreen Kirby

Doreen's skills touch a bit on each position in the business. This web site and its maintenance is some of her work, but it is not uncommon to find her in the mechanic shop troubleshooting a problem. She is also responsible for computer and building maintenance. If you do not find Doreen at the business, she may be found in the hay field. She has knowledge in farming and animal health as well as accounting and business. Our office/billing department works behind the scenes. On occasion you will get Doreen on the phone when the sales department is extra busy. She can direct your call or answer many of the questions you may have.


Marshall Kirby



Marshall Is our main Salesman and one of our two sons. Marshall Has graduated High school a few years ago and Is finishing up his 4-Year business degree at Westfield State University. Marshall Works our normal hours when college is not in session, and when college is in session he still works most of our hours with the exception of Thursdays. He can be reached by email and handles most emails even after hours or when he is at college. If you are looking for a Tractor, Marshall is your man. He has been working here for many years. His knowledge on tractors has grown tremendously. He is a very honest hard working young man. When not at work, Marshall is at the lake water-skiing or wake-boarding and fishing. Marshall also does all our TV Commercials and Youtube videos as well as manages our website and Facebook page.

Doreen & Ed Kirby & Ben

Sometimes when Marshall is booked up, we all will be helping doing sales. We all are knowledgeable on tractors here although sales is marshall main focus.


Morgen Kirby

Morgen KirbyMorgen KirbyMorgen Kirby

Morgen is very knowledgeable for his age, from rebuilding small engines to welding to doing hydraulics he can do it all, Morgen Loves fast cars, he spent most of his time in highschool tinkering with his Datsun 260z, from re-welding the whole car back together to rebuilding the engine and painting the car, he did it all. 


Mike is a full time mechanic, Great diagnosing problems and fixing pretty much anything. Mike also helps run our parts department. He has been working the parts & service business his whole life including owning his own car repair business.

Ben Is our service Specialist. He has been working in the tractor industry ever since he was a teenager. He has great knowledge helping you diagnose problems with your machine. He can help you with pretty much anything tractor related. If your machine is being worked on he is the man to talk to!

Parts Department:

Mike & Marshall & Ed 

Mike is great with parts. However Marshall & Ed Kirby will be happy to try and help you find what you are looking for. Please call with Model # and serial # of equipment or trailer you need parts for!

For Parts Please see our online parts store on our homepage! You can look up parts for all your equipment along with diagrams of all the equipment. We offer parts in store Wed-Sat, although please be patient as we are very busyon some days. Come prepared with model and serial number of your equipment you are looking to find a part for.

Many parts can be drop shipped right to your address!!!