Returns are always costly for both the buyer and the merchant. We would like to keep returns to a minimum, however we understand that mistakes can happen. We will try to be as fair as possible. If the item is a common maintenance item from one of our OEM manufacturers, then we may be able to take it back to have on the shelf here for sale. ( For example: OEM manufactures are Kioti, Mahindra, Exmark and Woods. A common Maintenance item would be a fuel filter). In this situation we could refund your cost for the item only. No shipping fees can  be returned to you.
If the item is a specialty item or something not commonly sold, then we would have to charge a 25% restocking fee. Your card would be refunded for the price of the item less the restocking fee.
Large returns could be subject to a return shipping fee in addition to a restocking fee.
ALL returns must be preauthorized by us. We will give you a return RMA # to authorize the return.
All returns are allowed or disallowed at our discretion, and we must be notified within 30 days of the date of your order.
Again we will try to be as fair as possible. If there are no fees involved in a return, we will not charge you for them.
By proceeding with your purchase, you agree that you have read the terms of the return policy.
Returns will not be accepted on items that are:
  • Opened or used
  • Missing their serial number or UPC
  • Special orders (returned at our discretion)
  • Returned more then 30 days after the date of your order
  • Returned without notification / RMA number
  • Electrical
  • not originally sold by us
  • damaged due to poor return packaging